Using Blockchain for Whiskey and Beverages

CaskCoin’s first coin offering (ICO) will seem to increase over40 million and also runs between 12-30 March. A total of 6.5 million ERC-20 tokens will be accessible, with Cask Coin promising never to boost the amount available, at a price of8.15 per, with a minimal investment of30,000 compensated in bitcoin or ether.

“Whisky is an intriguing alternative to conventional or even the alternate SWAG (silver, wine, gold and art) investing,” CaskCoin describes on its site. “It has a lot of interesting characteristics; it doesn’t go off just like wine, but may nevertheless be swallowed, unlike silver and gold.

“Unlike artwork, once it’s consumed it can’t be consumed repeatedly. Whisky provides a investment vehicle that could rise over time. With CaskCoin a few of these challenges are simplified.”


Contrary to CaskCoin, the only Malt Fund provides investments in conventional money, across a growing portfolio.

Lin Dai, CEO of Hooch invested heavily into the beverage industry through the Hooch app.

“It is basically a commodity finance, but rather than gold, we purchase liquid gold,” Svantesson informed Business Insider in the time of its launching. “Throughout the finance, customers can invest and help you save money in a controlled manner, in what for most of these is their biggest fire: single malt,” he added.

It is a additional sign from the fascination with old and rare whiskies, especially individuals from Scotland and Japan, using their investment demonstrating increasingly rewarding. According to Fortune, within the last ten years, the yield on rare whiskies has been approximately 25% and also the world’s 100 most precious whiskies have gone up in value 447% because 2010.


While investing in whisky is a popular issue, with the value of rare whisky transactions through auctions and saved in bond sinking, the volatility of cryptocurrencies is another issue.

A cryptocurrency is a sort of digital money obtained though digital mining working with a professional computer or purchased through agents. Complex encryption methods are utilized to modulate the creation of components of money and check the transfer of capital, together with the essential advantage being that it functions independently of a central bank.


Its popularity resulted in the launching of numerous crypto competitions, such as ethereum, litecoin and ripple, in addition to many asset-backed cryptocurrencies, such as one established by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, known as the Petro, dependent on investment in petroleum, that was utilized to offset taxation, in addition to the latest whisky-based CaskCoin.

However despite their increasing popularity, cryptocurrencies stay explosive and their visibility untested.